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In University Hospital of Pisa, the Breast Centre was born in 2010 as the first experience of a Clinical Center, from the previous realities of the UOC Breast Surgery and SOD Breast Radiodiagnostic. It strengthens over time and in 2017 it is further formalized as a Complex Multidisciplinary Unit within the Medical and Oncological Area.

In our Breast Unit, women with breast disease, even in young age, can refer to a diagnostic-therapeutic and rehabilitative multidisciplinary team to receive the best care and the maximum chance of recovery:

- the diagnostic procedure,

- the assessment and preoperative discussion within the multidisciplinary group (Gom) with surgeon, radiologist, oncologist, radiotherapist and breast nurses,

- the surgery,

- the post-operative care with dressings,

- the multidisciplinary discussion (Gom) of the histological result

- the adjuvant treatment.

With over 1,200 interventions / year for breast pathology, more than 700 (2018 data) of which for patients with the first diagnosis of breast cancer, the Centre coordinates the pathway in close collaboration with the specialists pertaining to the operative units of



-Breast radiology


-Plastic surgery

-Nuclear medicine

It is an integral part of the assistance offered to patients also

-the genetic counseling of a team with specific experience in breast cancer

-the physiatric evaluation and physiotherapy treatment starting immediately after surgery,

-the psycho-oncological support at all stages of the journey

-the nutritional support

-the integrated complementary medicine which includes acupuncture, phyto-therapy and homeopathy. This is not an alternative approach but complementary to traditional techniques, useful for mitigating the symptoms of the disease or the side effects of treatment, improving people's quality of life. These are techniques that the Tuscany Region includes in Essential Assistance Levels. At our center, complementary medicine is entrusted to the skills of anesthesiologists who are already involved in pre-operative evaluations, in anesthesia in the operating room and in the monitoring and treatment of patients who need Intensive Care. For reservations dedicated to patients of the Center, call the CORD service: 050993576;or write an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

For outpatient-visits (with known or suspected breast disease), the high priority access is guaranteed by CORD-ISPRO service that includes a front office and a telephone service (available at +39050993576 with the same time schedule or by e-mail:


Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

CORD is responsible for the organisation of the of diagnostic and therapeutic steps, in collaboration with all the units involved: in particular surgery and radiology.

The surgical activity is distributed from Monday to Friday on two operating rooms in which breast surgeons and plastic surgeons alternate and work in team. In the centre, patients can find the most innovative protocols about interventional diagnosis, MRI, intraoperative radiation therapy, reconstructive oncoplastic methods and oncologicals.